Untouched Mind
pmc065 - 2011

Hypnotic, dreamy, confrontational, complex - the album travels through many moods and styles. An assemblage.

pmc064 - 2011

A rich mushy bed of chords and floating melody lines warp and shimmer, both oppressive and hazy.

Sweet Dreams, Baby
pmc063 - 2010

Simultaneously mind-expanding and oppressive, Cyberphobe provides another installation of music to challenge and provoke.

Monsta Mash
Various artists
pmc062 - 2010

The compilation CD given away to guests at the Monsta Mash. Rocking and rollicking.

Shortwave Poltergeist
pmc061 - 2010

Tuned into a strange subliminal dimension of hiss, woosh, thud and gibber. Improvised with a custom Pure Data feedback patch, laptop and vocalisation.

Pictures of Poodles
pmc060 - 2008

The Unknown Rockstar continues his exploration of the drone and the echo, using guitar, keyboard and electronics to build rippled and whorled sound tapestries that distort and fragment around the listener.

The Another Ones
pmc059 - 2008

This is music made by someone who loves sound. Grant takes his sources and slows them down and fragments them and listens closely to what happens. He loves the grain and whorl, the texture he pulls from his music, and gives to us.

pmc058 - 2007

Two contrasting tracks of live echo guitar recorded on the 28th of April, 2007. Potato Pickel is bluesy, and Rice Pickel builds shimmering overtones layers from echo blurring.

Deep Earplug Music
pmc057 - 2007

Recorded live at the first Deep Earplug Music at Happy on the 18th of June, 2006. This was a feedback piece for two amps, two guitars, a bass, a drum, some cymbals, and various effects.

First: I Kill You. Then: I Steal Your Power
pmc055 - 2006

Recorded September 2004 at Rick's in Brooklyn, Wellington, New Zealand. Thanks to Totally Obsessed By Skulls Studios, Sydney Australia. Bad music for bad people by shambolic skeletons.

Bends and Moans
Various artists
pmc054 - 2006

Bends and Moans was recorded live at C.U.E. in Kobe, Japan. The performance, the 67th Volume of the "Live from Far East" series, took place on the 25th of November, 2005.

Hard Times
pmc051 - 2004

Three songs of cowboy style rock music.from a recording session the Opium Cowboys did in 2004.

Retrospective 1999-2004
Various artists
pmc050 - 2005

In 2005 Postmoderncore released a retrospective compilation to celebrate its fiftieth release, and fifth year as a label. The compilation is a great way to find out the wide variety of sounds, artists, and styles that Postmoderncore offers.

Stark Raving Mad at the End of Time
Various artists
pmc049 - 2004

Mastered from tape, this collection covers a broad sweep of insanity. A no-fi masterpiece. Featuring CasioTony, M.C. Lard, the Ghoul, Nip Trash, Mother's Little Helper, Rats in Paradise, and D.

pmc048 - 2003

Recorded live to air on the Deprogrammer show, hosted by Sam and Smiley, on MUNT FM on the 16th of June 2003. Robyn Kenealy appears on vocals for lamplight.