Age of Illumination
pmc035 - 2003

Recorded live at the Photospace in Wellington NZ in July 2003. With Rick playing alto sax and clarinet, Dick Whyte playing cello, and Sam Stephens playing double bass.

pmc034 - 1998

Recorded from a live to air broadcast on Radio Massey sometime in August 1998. Originally released on Lizardmull Records, Palmerston North's premier swamp label.

During the Year of My Nervous Breakdown
pmc033 - 2003

Cyberphobe's story of the failure of the world we live in. The long awaited album.

Driven by a private compulsion that threatens to overwhelm him
pmc032 - 2002

The moods, shades and places of the feedback drone interactions of three guitars explored, drawn into slow movement, complexity and drive.

The Dream Country
pmc031 - 2002

This recording is deeply hypnotic, a miasma of huge pulses, a slow moving raft of shimmering tones.

Afternoon and Evening
pmc030 - 2002

This album is constructed from guitar drones, keyboard washes, and mutated samples.

pmc029 - 2002

An involved journey through a series of sound/psychic/sample spaces.

pmc028 - 2002

Pulsing sine drones, databending, and other less and more abrasive noise.

Outside the Inside
pmc027 - 2002

An album of keyboard/organ music. The first and third tracks are live recordings of a Hammond, and the second track is "...a live recording of keyboard through delay, played with a mind for interlocking/interweaving figures and exploring overtones - i find that listening to it intently sets me in powerful trance states."

Destroying His Name
pmc026 - 2002

Electronics and cutups. The title track uses Dada techniques of running two vocal tracks against each other.

Lines of Fire
pmc025 - 2002

CD of hand diced improvised remixes of material by Tangent Precipitate and from other sources. Could be called Plunderphonics improvised in real-time.

pmc023 - 2002

Forceful electronic music, and brute-force sampling.

Do This
pmc022 - 2002

Do This is an album with tracks in a mixture of styles. Do This itself is a collection of samples. Some of the other tracks are made up of samples, such as I Spent My Night, which is a free jazz cutup. There is also some electronic music, and a track of keyboard music, I Spent My Day.

Within the range of hearing
pmc021 - 2001

A mixture of sample based styles, some sequenced, some more abstract. Wood, Brass, Nylon Part 2 (Reclining Remix) is a very beautiful remix of a guitar track from an earlier Tangent Precipitate album.

Elevated states of consciousness
pmc020 - 2001

A variety of electronic and sample based music, from the rhythmically beautiful simplicity of Elevated States of Consciousness #001 to the more power electronic sample destroying sound of The Way.