pmc034 - 1998

Recorded from a live to air broadcast on Radio Massey sometime in August 1998. Originally released on Lizardmull Records, Palmerston North's premier swamp label.

During the Year of My Nervous Breakdown
pmc033 - 2003

Cyberphobe's story of the failure of the world we live in. The long awaited album.

Driven by a private compulsion that threatens to overwhelm him
pmc032 - 2002

The moods, shades and places of the feedback drone interactions of three guitars explored, drawn into slow movement, complexity and drive.

The Dream Country
pmc031 - 2002

This recording is deeply hypnotic, a miasma of huge pulses, a slow moving raft of shimmering tones.

Afternoon and Evening
pmc030 - 2002

This album is constructed from guitar drones, keyboard washes, and mutated samples.

pmc029 - 2002

An involved journey through a series of sound/psychic/sample spaces.

pmc028 - 2002

Pulsing sine drones, databending, and other less and more abrasive noise.

Outside the Inside
pmc027 - 2002

An album of keyboard/organ music. The first and third tracks are live recordings of a Hammond, and the second track is "...a live recording of keyboard through delay, played with a mind for interlocking/interweaving figures and exploring overtones - i find that listening to it intently sets me in powerful trance states."

Destroying His Name
pmc026 - 2002

Electronics and cutups. The title track uses Dada techniques of running two vocal tracks against each other.

Lines of Fire
pmc025 - 2002

CD of hand diced improvised remixes of material by Tangent Precipitate and from other sources. Could be called Plunderphonics improvised in real-time.

pmc023 - 2002

Forceful electronic music, and brute-force sampling.

Do This
pmc022 - 2002

Do This is an album with tracks in a mixture of styles. Do This itself is a collection of samples. Some of the other tracks are made up of samples, such as I Spent My Night, which is a free jazz cutup. There is also some electronic music, and a track of keyboard music, I Spent My Day.

Within the range of hearing
pmc021 - 2001

A mixture of sample based styles, some sequenced, some more abstract. Wood, Brass, Nylon Part 2 (Reclining Remix) is a very beautiful remix of a guitar track from an earlier Tangent Precipitate album.

Elevated states of consciousness
pmc020 - 2001

A variety of electronic and sample based music, from the rhythmically beautiful simplicity of Elevated States of Consciousness #001 to the more power electronic sample destroying sound of The Way.

Disturbed Bits 010
pmc019 - 2001

Disturbed Bits is a series of long pieces of beautiful and intense power electronics. They investigate the ability of the juxtaposition of treated loops of different varieties to create resultant sounds that are different in character from the source material, perhaps "greater than the sum of its parts" as it were. The second set of five use pure granular superimposition to build tracks, with a different approach to most users of granular synthesis.