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Bends and Moans

pmc054 - 2006

Bends and Moans was recorded live at C.U.E. in Kobe, Japan. The performance, the 67th Volume of the "Live from Far East" series, took place on the 25th of November, 2005. The performers were 石上和也 (Kazuya Ishigami), 稲見 淳 (Sunao Inami) and Tangent. Kazuya played laptop and electronics, Sunao played laptop, and Tangent played laptop, microphone, toy car, flute, thumb piano and throat.

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Download Kazuya Ishigami [untitled] 17:57
Download Sunao Inami [untitled] 9:46
Download Tangent Did You Find 14:04
Download Kazuya Ishigami, Sunao Inami, Tangent [untitled] 16:37