Front Black as a Color Death Masks Black as a Color 2015

Black as a Color Death Masks

pmc075 - 2015

Art should reflect the artist’s vision for the world. The world this piece intends to create is shrouded in spectral lights and abysmal darkness, it is a world caught between bestial cruelty and yearning sentimentality. Darkness and Light exist on the same continuum, and art should be willing to reflect the spectrum, between sheer horror and radiant beauty. This album should be seen as an effort to that end.
This album is essentially a collection of semi-spontaneous improvisations made over the month of August originally recorded to tape. The only track which isn’t improvised is tracks 3, “Something” which is a Coil cover. Because of this, this album should be seen as a collection of glimpses at different states of mind and loose ends, rather than a cohesive piece. Musically, these pieces were conjured to have adriving, and monolithic feeling, opposed to a more chaotic feeling exhibited by noise musicians. Because this music was recorded in one take it will have an incidental, unpolished sound, much like other free-form music, but within a more meditative context.

Creative Commons License This album is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 3.0 New Zealand License.

Download Sunlight on Limpid Waters 14:24
Download Time Refraction 16:00
Download Something 5:04
Download Unfolding Darkness 8:16