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Brother Calls Dead Air Fresheners

pmc083 - 2019

A new age monster is born in a playground. Before the children and before the weather an assemblage was recorded. Two brothers had a dialog that sounded like a monologue. Nobody knows what happened to the number six. One xylophone and three metal flowers, occasionally three analog tone generators we found in the street. One brother calls another. Van, garage, and hotel room studios. Press rewind.

Produced by Pascal Lee with Dead Air Fresheners

Creative Commons License This album is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 3.0 New Zealand License.

Download Brother Calls 3:37
Download Conclusions Long Lost 4:24
Download A Certain Savant in 3 3:08
Download Brother Wind 6:08
Download Checkpoint before finding a soldier before interrupting the development 6:43
Download Standby 13 14:00
Download The Comodification of Play 3:34
Download Brother Calls Reprise 2:08
Download Dispensations of Sun 4:02
Download Brother Rewinder 7:07
Download Above the Encampment 11:11