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Live at the Photospace 20th August 2004

pmc042 - 2004

Robyn Kenealy, Craig Irie, and the Unknown Rockstar performed on this evening. Robyn is a folk and country performer and songwriter, and comic book writer. Craig is a Wellington poet, organiser of the Wellington Word Festival for a number of years, and a founding member of the Word Collective. He is backed by The Unknown Rockstar, who then does a solo set. All three artists appear on the Salad Bones CD compilation of spoken words and music.

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Download Robyn Kenealy The White Quilt 5:00
Download Robyn Kenealy A Thousand Songs 3:37
Download Robyn Kenealy No Surrender 3:26
Download Robyn Kenealy Heaven Bound 3:23
Download Robyn Kenealy Hurricaine Season 4:41
Download Robyn Kenealy Song for Kristen 3:36
Download Craig Irie Refugee Remix Rant / Fuck the Bypass Fight Song 5:28
Download Craig Irie The Karaoke Poet 4:44
Download Craig Irie Put Down Your Cigarette Rag (Don't Smoke) 4:41
Download Unknown Rockstar My Favourite Folly 3:27
Download Unknown Rockstar Looking on the Face of Jesus Is Death 8:31
Download Unknown Rockstar Rust Flakes Floating on Oil 2:27
Download Unknown Rockstar My Shadow Stole My Wife 4:38
Download Unknown Rockstar Skeleton Blues 2:37