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Rejection dryrot ripple Gombage

pmc073 - 2014

Each contributor created two mins of raw sound - a single track recorded live with no post-processing. After each set of four submissions arrived, they were blindly put together to create a track - as and when they arrived in Corporal Tofulung's inbox.
The levels were adjusted so that quiet tracks could be heard. Otherwise there was no post production.
Each contributor provided one word which were added to 3 others to create the track title.
The title of the album was created by writing the 40 contributed words on individual pieces of paper and drawing them randomly out of a Halloween pail.
The Dada Songwriting Compilation was inspired by Hollow Earth Radio's Surrealist Songwriting Project [2014] [2013] which happens at the annual DIY Holiday Fair.
A second album is currently in the process of creation...
Mixed and produced by Corporal Tofulung. Album cover art is a collage by menn-0-matic.
Extended information about the tracks and artists is at the bottom of the page.

Creative Commons License This album is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 3.0 New Zealand License.

Download Austin/Blake DeGraw/Dried up corpse/The Doll ripple owls dryrot ajumma 2:02
Download Supercomposer/Amy McBride/Pandwana Land/Outrageous Drug Addicts N65s-1 Game Vibrator Australia 2:02
Download Steve VVippick/Radio Fragments/Brent Willis/Andrew Maxson Rubber Polluted Coupleliving Reverberations 2:02
Download Uneasy Chairs/T4x0n0m13s/Dave Edwards/Cylvi Manthyng Condo Enclyclopedia coalseam egg 2:02
Download Kirsty Porter/Natasha/Van Wolfe/Tarsier Eyes Gombage loud Polyhedron Pizza 2:02
Download Samin Son/Rob Haakman/menn-0-matic/Trevor Scruffles VESSEL Crawley Plastikr├╝ler Whiney 2:02
Download The Knight of Terror/Chris Carey/Michael Domingo/Jack Waste Rats Rejection DaDrum J'existe 2:02
Download Cruddy Barry/Tom Dyer/Grey Morgan/Plastic Boner Band Pistilicious Thing ache Squeak 2:02
Download Unknown Rockstar/Sasha Parks/Darren Hungerford/Levi Fuller lint Pipe sparse Glass 2:02
Download Furchick/Richard Falkner/Koan-din/Isaac Beers Ear daddy Satori Hops 2:02

"ripple owls dryrot ajumma"

"N65s-1 Game Vibrator Australia"

"Rubber Polluted Coupleliving Reverberations"

  • Steve VVippick/Radio Fragments/Brent Willis/Andrew Maxson
  • condom/pressing buttons/guitar + voice/cymbals + FX pedals

"Condo Enclyclopedia coalseam egg"

"Gombage loud Polyhedron Pizza"

"VESSEL Crawley Plastikr├╝ler Whiney"

"Rats Rejection DaDrum J'existe"

"Pistilicious Thing ache Squeak"

"lint Pipe sparse Glass"

  • Unknown Rockstar/Sasha Parks/Darren Hungerford/Levi Fuller
  • vacuum cleaner + mouth/bass + bow/piano/sizzling + ice jiggling

"Ear daddy Satori Hops"