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Retrospective 1999-2004

pmc050 - 2005

In 2005 Postmoderncore released a retrospective compilation, to celebrate its fiftieth release, and fifth year as a label. The compilation is a great way to find out the wide variety of sounds, artists, and styles that Postmoderncore offers.

Creative Commons License This album is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 New Zealand License.

Download Zombie Prom Queen Baby's Got Morphine Eyes 2:33
Download Tangent Precipitate Wood, Brass, Nylon, Part 6 1:22
Download Cyberphobe Breakdown (excerpt) 4:36
Download Tangent Precipitate Disturbed Bits 007.001 (excerpt) 2:56
Download Jeff Henderson Fuck You You Bureaucratic Fucks 2 (excerpt) 3:23
Download Craig Irie The Karaoke Poet 4:37
Download Starcrusher Solar Flare (excerpt) 3:33
Download Tangent Precipitate Elevated States of Consciousness #001 2:47
Download The Rick Jensen Trio The Pointless Doorway (excerpt) 2:52
Download The Shambolics Farmyard 2:45
Download Tangent Precipitate Fleetwoodmac - Drifting (Lines of Fire remix) (excerpt) 2:32
Download Robyn Kenealy Hurricaine Season 4:32
Download Unknown Rockstar Fake Ivory 4 (excerpt) 4:03
Download Dick Whyte A Question 2:37
Download CasioTony The Cops 2:35
Download Tangent Precipitate Erosion (excerpt) 3:33
Download Voodoo Savage and The Insatiable Opium Cowboys Women Trouble, Part 1 3:15
Download Tangent Precipitate Sun Needles 2:04
Download Richie Rhinestone and The Insatiable Opium Cowboys Stories and Songs 3:31
Download Tangent Fairy Tales 1:21
Download Tangent Precipitate Outside the Inside (excerpt) 2:13
Download The Rick Jensen Trio A Taste for Smoke (excerpt) 2:09
Download Tangent Precipitate 1989-Everything (excerpt) 1:33
Download Tangent Take Your Pills, John 2:16
Download Tangent Precipitate Driven by a Private Compulsion That Threatens to Overwhelm Him (excerpt) 2:57
Download The Ghoul Face Down in the Street 1:59