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pmc082 - 2019

As with Volume 1 of the Dada Songwriting project, Rejection dryrot ripple Gombage, each contributor created two mins of raw sound - a single track recorded live with no post-processing. After each set of four submissions arrived, they were blindly put together to create a track - as and when they arrived in Corporal Tofulung's inbox. The levels were adjusted so that quiet tracks could be heard. Otherwise there was no post production.
Each contributor provided one word which were added to 3 others to create the track title. The title of the album was created by writing the 40 contributed words on individual pieces of tofu packaging and drawing them randomly out of a bag.
The Dada Songwriting Compilation was inspired by Hollow Earth Radio's Surrealist Songwriting Project [2018] [2014] [2013] which happens at the annual DIY Holiday Fair.
Mixed and produced by Corporal Tofulung. Album cover art is a collage by Amy Candiotti. Extended information about the tracks and artists is at the bottom of the page.

Creative Commons License This album is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 3.0 New Zealand License.

Download {AN} EeL/Melanie Reed/toy robot/Banana Armour FROMMAGE parapraxis triumph Whuuut? 2:02
Download Adam Levitt/The Munchikin Rockstar/Clara Cat/Dusty R. Shriver Monmouth Ayeeyayeeyayee Moon Trinity 2:02
Download The Kendal Mintcake/mattlikestapes/Woodpecker/John Meaux ocean teeth mallet Gumbo 2:02
Download Tendencyitis/Sean Stellfox/Kat Whatley/Cyberphobe camphorated spooky Resonance SQUEEZE 2:02
Download Ms Ts/DK/DaCow/Rick Jensen Clack Indomie happysound beehive 2:02
Download Cath O'Brien/Tommy the Cat/Robot Kokako/Vinda pipes dairy Tune Skullicious 2:02
Download Concrete/Field/Bryce Galloway/Becs/Jade Farley gryating Nodules tree PTSD 2:02
Download Ducklingmonster/Josh Medina/Grvdggr/Coconut Shy KRDWINDOW palms Katabasis tile 2:02
Download Matt Fifield/Spartan Jet-Plex/Madame Klaw/J G Bollard flour Hold Appetite Wokrock 2:02
Download Corporal Tofulung/Nat Sowinski/Ghostmike/David M. Bedford Fruity Knifespoon RhythmAce blingle 2:02

"FROMMAGE parapraxis triumph Whuuut?"

  • {AN} EeL/Melanie Reed/toy robot/Banana Armour
  • electric cowbell + music box + voice/thumb piano/baby play centre with rattles/fork + guitar string

"Monmouth Ayeeyayeeyayee Moon Trinity"

  • Adam Levitt/The Munchikin Rockstar/Clara Cat/Dusty R. Shriver
  • contact mike + effect station + voice/jingle ball + drying rack/voice/plunger + toilet water

"ocean teeth mallet Gumbo"

"camphorated spooky Resonance SQUEEZE"

"Clack Indomie happysound beehive"

  • Ms Ts/DK/DaCow/Rick Jensen
  • wooden spoon + glass + fish slice + bead curtain/MIDImix/swing/saxophone

"pipes dairy Tune skullicious"

  • Cath O'Brien/Tommy the Cat/Robot Kokako/Vinda
  • voice + pvc pool pipe/recycling centre electric piano + pedals/microphone + pedals + switches/saw

"Gyrating Nodules tree PTSD"

"KRDWINDOW palms Katabasis tile"

"flour Hold Appetite Wokrock"

  • Matt Fifield/Spartan Jet-Plex/Madame Klaw/J G Bollard
  • plastic tub + pots + forks + bowls + glasses + water/keys + vocals/Soma PIPE/woks + wooden spoons

"Fruity Knifespoon RhythmAce blingle"