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Stark Raving Mad at the End of Time

pmc049 - 2004

Mastered from tape, this collection covers a broad sweep of insanity. A no-fi masterpiece. Featuring CasioTony, M.C. Lard, the Ghoul, Nip Trash, Mother's Little Helper, Rats in Paradise, and D.B. Shambles.

Creative Commons License This album is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 New Zealand License.

Download [no artist] Intro #1 0:50
Download CasioTony Terrorist Tourist (feat. Nip Trash) 3:06
Download M.C. Lard Machine Gunned by Midgets Whilst Wallowing in Electronic Sludge (3 Bottles of Kristov a Day) 2:48
Download The Ghoul Face Down in the Street (After Being Chucked Out of the Pub) 1:59
Download Mother's Little Helper The Bleeding Rectum Blues 3:15
Download CasioTony The Cops 2:35
Download [no artist] ...a Peaceful Interlude 1:58
Download M.C. Lard Drinking Too Much 4:45
Download CasioTony Mambo Vignette 0:22
Download The Ghoul I'm an Alchoholic / 6 A.M. 3:20
Download CasioTony In the Penalty Area 1:34
Download Mother's Little Helper Smashed Over at the Disco 3:39
Download CasioTony Intro #2 0:47
Download Mother's Little Helper Gepetto Is a Paedophile 3:46
Download The Ghoul vs. CasioTony Speed Booze and Smack, Probably 1:34
Download CasioTony Foghorn Sonata 3:24
Download Rats in Paradise Bottlestore 2:51
Download Mother's Little Helper I've Had Enough of This 3:17
Download D.B. Shambles Fuck You (The Story of My Life) 14:36