Front Sweet Dreams, Baby Cyberphobe Sweet Dreams, Baby 2010

Sweet Dreams, Baby Cyberphobe

pmc063 - 2010

Simultaneously mind-expanding and oppressive, Cyberphobe provides another installation of music to challenge and provoke.

Creative Commons License This album is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 3.0 New Zealand License.

Download Copyright control 2:39
Download Barflying 3:31
Download Some of tomorrow's parties 1:30
Download Listen - this is us talking about our feelings 4:02
Download My life in a suit 2:20
Download The problem according to Sylvia 3:42
Download No, no piano, no no no 3:09
Download Harry Pussy makes the cut - part 1 2:18
Download Harry Pussy makes the cut - part 2 2:21
Download Sweet dreams, baby 3:20
Download The step-daughter's tale 3:44
Download American patrol 2:17
Download Send in the clowns 2:51
Download Prelude to the collapse of reason 2:31