The Unknown Rockstar
pmc091 - 2022

A picture of the Unknown Rockstar drinking beer inspired Toxic Chicken to create this album of sometimes fun and sometimes quite beautiful electronic music. Funky; a good time.

pmc090 - 2022

Loops, phrases, and rhythms lurch in and out of focus around each other. As sounds and moods progress, surprises and magic happen. I've never heard anything else that sounds quite like this.

You Are Beautiful
pmc089 - 2021

Reeds drone, string rattle, lines play past one another. Rattle and groan. Bombast and clank.

Delead Git
pmc088 - 2021

Gloopy, noisy, harmonic slabs of rich round sound roast and ferment.

Endless and Unreal
pmc087 - 2021

Sounds build and mutate from scritch and scree, squeak and clank, to intensity, rupture and roar, whilst maintaining their enigma and inscrutability.

Bare Winter Trees
pmc086 - 2020

A longform guitar improvisation. Spiralling, steely, overtone rich guitar lines and loops create a variety of cold, metallic, but murky spaces. Emotions, sentimentality and the odd surprise arise.

Hand Dryer Solos
pmc085 - 2020

This album is made from a selection of live recordings performed in public bathrooms for unsuspecting members of the No Audience Overground.

World's Worst Bootlegs 2011-2017
pmc084 - 2020

Seven years in the making. How are these bootlegs the worst? Where did they come from? Why inflict them upon the world?

Brother Calls
pmc083 - 2019

A new age monster is born in a playground. Before the children and before the weather an assemblage was recorded. Two brothers had a dialog that sounded like a monologue. Nobody knows what happened to the number six.

spooky mallet Resonance Knifespoon
Various artists
pmc082 - 2019

As with Volume 1 of the Dada Songwriting project, Rejection dryrot ripple Gombage, each contributor created two mins of raw sound - a single track recorded live with no post-processing. After each set of four submissions arrived, they were blindly put together to create a track - as and when they arrived in Corporal Tofulung's inbox.

Explorations of Space and Sound
pmc081 - 2019

These recordings were made in 2015 - 16 in Washington DC, Forth Worth and Auckland. You can feel the spaces of a three-story concrete stairwell, an echo chamber on a busy street, a concrete bunker room, and 'Vortex', Richard Serra's 67 foot high weathering steel sculpture.

Evidence of Superstructures II
pmc080 - 2018

a collective of scientists, electric guitars, hanging drums, broken electronics and citizen astronomers.

Rotten Bunny
pmc079 - 2017

A couple of guitar improvisations. Recognizably the guitar, but strange and detached, not always comprehensible.

Live At Audio Foundation and Aotea Gallery 2017
pmc078 - 2017

Two live Unknown Rockstar sets, one noise and one ambient.

Extension Cord Symphony 9
pmc077 - 2016

I am Nigerian prince and I have Extension Cord Symphony 9, my two sons 2 and 8 play on this recording and they can send you one million dollars if you just got to western union and ask for a green dot special moneygram. We played electronics through chance indeterminists techniques. Do not talk about this recording with anybody or you will not get the one million dollars. you thank.