Black as a Color
pmc075 - 2015

Art should reflect the artist’s vision for the world. The world this piece intends to create is shrouded in spectral lights and abysmal darkness, it is a world caught between bestial cruelty and yearning sentimentality. Darkness and Light exist on the same continuum, and art should be willing to reflect the spectrum, between sheer horror and radiant beauty. This album should be seen as an effort to that end.

Ethereal Leap Overlord
pmc074 - 2015

The sounds of circuits and strings layer, combine and mutate to calming and transcendent effect.

Rejection dryrot ripple Gombage
Various artists
pmc073 - 2014

Each contributor created two mins of raw sound - a single track recorded live with no post-processing. After each set of four submissions arrived, they were blindly put together to create a track - as and when they arrived in Corporal Tofulung's inbox. The Dada Songwriting Compilation was inspired by Hollow Earth Radio's Surrealist Songwriting Project [2014] [2013].

Another Year Older And Deeper In
pmc072 - 2014

Deeper in what exactly? Deeper enmeshed, deeper commitment to the consequence of decisions, deeper related to the world?

Found pianos of Capitol Hill
pmc071 - 2014

"I was walking through Capitol Hill, Seattle one weekend, and encountered an abandoned piano at the side of the road..."

The Cheetah Brothers
pmc070 - 2013

After sporadic gigs and jams throughout the years, the brothers bring you live and dirty live recordings to feed your need for scummy trash rock.

Let the Good Times Roll
pmc069 - 2012

Some guitar playing, some drone. All very cheerful, of course.

Supercomposer vs. Unknown Rockstar
pmc068 - 2012

Supercomposer does his thing with the Unknown Rockstar back catalog.

pmc067 - 2012

A pair of raw guitar improvisations.

pmc066 - 2011

Live party times, rock n roll and blues, chaos and fun.

Untouched Mind
pmc065 - 2011

Hypnotic, dreamy, confrontational, complex - the album travels through many moods and styles. An assemblage.

pmc064 - 2011

A rich mushy bed of chords and floating melody lines warp and shimmer, both oppressive and hazy.

Sweet Dreams, Baby
pmc063 - 2010

Simultaneously mind-expanding and oppressive, Cyberphobe provides another installation of music to challenge and provoke.

Monsta Mash
Various artists
pmc062 - 2010

The compilation CD given away to guests at the Monsta Mash. Rocking and rollicking.

Shortwave Poltergeist
pmc061 - 2010

Tuned into a strange subliminal dimension of hiss, woosh, thud and gibber. Improvised with a custom Pure Data feedback patch, laptop and vocalisation.