Live at the Photospace 20th August 2004
Various artists
pmc042 - 2004

Robyn Kenealy, Craig Irie, and the Unknown Rockstar performed on this evening. Robyn is a folk and country performer and songwriter, and comic book writer. Craig is a Wellington poet, organiser of the Wellington Word Festival for a number of years, and a founding member of the Word Collective.

Fake Ivory
pmc041 - 2004

A double CD of improvised piano, influenced by classical music, jazz, and the avantgarde. Recorded on the sly in Massey Conservatorium of Music practice rooms on a day of September 2004.

A Pictorial History
pmc040 - 2004

an album of contrasts in mood and methods - the power of chance juxtapositions rears its head through out. contains elements i'm interested in further exploring.

Sound Board
pmc039 - 2004

an album of beautiful, relatively sparse instrumental playing, on acoustic and electric guitar and on clarinet. The instrumental methods and modes developed through the Tangent Precipitate era are bought to a more focused conception of improvisation and sound under the guise of this new persona.

Hillbilly at Heart
pmc038 - 2003

Recorded live to minidisc by Evil Stan in 2003 in the Epuni St living room in Wellington, New Zealand. Voodoo Savage exorcises his demons in this series of impassioned acoustic songs.

I ain't never been to heaven, but I hear they've got a real good bar
pmc037 - 2003

Live at the Cross, Wellington NZ on the 4th September 2003. Rock in a country vein. For this release the Cowboys are Richie - guitar, Tony - guitar, Smiley - drums and Sam - bass.

pmc036 - 2003

Recorded live at Bodega in Wellington NZ on the 29th April 2003. With Rick playing alto sax and clarinet, Sam Stephens playing bass, and Smiley playing drums.

Age of Illumination
pmc035 - 2003

Recorded live at the Photospace in Wellington NZ in July 2003. With Rick playing alto sax and clarinet, Dick Whyte playing cello, and Sam Stephens playing double bass.

pmc034 - 1998

Recorded from a live to air broadcast on Radio Massey sometime in August 1998. Originally released on Lizardmull Records, Palmerston North's premier swamp label.

During the Year of My Nervous Breakdown
pmc033 - 2003

Cyberphobe's story of the failure of the world we live in. The long awaited album.

Driven by a private compulsion that threatens to overwhelm him
pmc032 - 2002

The moods, shades and places of the feedback drone interactions of three guitars explored, drawn into slow movement, complexity and drive.

The Dream Country
pmc031 - 2002

This recording is deeply hypnotic, a miasma of huge pulses, a slow moving raft of shimmering tones.

Afternoon and Evening
pmc030 - 2002

This album is constructed from guitar drones, keyboard washes, and mutated samples.

pmc029 - 2002

An involved journey through a series of sound/psychic/sample spaces.

pmc028 - 2002

Pulsing sine drones, databending, and other less and more abrasive noise.