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Dirt Beneath The Daydream
Stinkfest: Stink Magnetic
Stinkfest: Stink Magnetic

Zombie Prom Queen playing at Stinkfest, 12 December 2008

Zombie Prom Queen will be playing at Stinkfest, a three day event from 11-13 December, celebrating the tenth anniversary of Stink Magnetic. Stink Magnetic and Postmoderncore have always been connected, so it's great to be able to play at this, and celebrate Stink Magnetic's success. Too many great acts to list here, but a reunion of Voodoo Savage and His Savages, and a Slim Chants outing are worth mentioning.


The Vicious Circles play No Rehearsal at Happy, 23rd April 2008

No Rehearsal

A night of live music where anything could happen!

8:30pm, Wed 23rd April at Happy, $5 entry.

Featuring improvised music from:

XENU - Stop on a ten cent coin funky antics on bass and drums. XENU explore the art of musical conversation with mathematical grooves technical prowess and the element of surprise.

The Vicious Circles - Hypnotic and groovey psychodelic rock trio delving into innerspace in the tradition of Krautrock greats, Can and Faust. Featuring Dick Whyte, Sam Stephens, and James Gilberd.

Skysaw - Three musicians with a shared love of the digital realm, creating beats on gameboy, tape machine, laptop circuit bent keyboards and rewired effects.

Inflatable Savants of Occasional Beligerence - Demented and hilarious outsider music from three multi-instrumentalist aural heathens who create songs on the spot that sound like the art of deranged children.