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Release of "Hand Dryer Solos" by The Doll

Release of "Hand Dryer Solos" by The Doll

We’re excited to released an album by The Doll. The Doll has been making no-fi sounds since 2004. She likes to augment her vocals with contact mics, balloons, magnetic tape, percussion junk, garbage from the side of the road, horns, household appliances, a T-Pain mic, & field recordings. She enjoys Cool Edit Pro on an XP craptop.

The Doll spent a year exploring the inner noiselife of the hand dryers and air blades that dwell in castles, cathedrals, pubs, venues, museums etc. Hand Dryer Solos is made from a selection of live recordings performed in public bathrooms for unsuspecting members of the No Audience Overground.

Recorded on a phone in the toilets of Wales and England, with a splash of Spain, Portugal & Romania for good measure.

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Sound Board

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pmc039 - 2004

an album of beautiful, relatively sparse instrumental playing, on acoustic and electric guitar and on clarinet. The instrumental methods and modes developed through the Tangent Precipitate era are bought to a more focused conception of improvisation and sound under the guise of this new persona.

Death Masks

Death Masks

Death Masks is the musical moniker of artist Andrew Maxson. Death Masks draws from an array of sonic traditions including drone, pop, avant-garde, industrial, minimalism, and heavy metal in an attempt to create a sonic narrative. The music strives to evoke a driving, contemplative, monolithic feeling.

Death Masks seeks to make music that both reflects a new mythology but still acknowledges its continuity with other narratives. Death Masks seeks to affirm the reciprocal nature of bestial cruelty and maudlin sentimentality, that sheer horror provides an excellent standard to judge all other experiences off of.

Death Masks have more music on their bandcamp page.