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Chronic Fatigue Sindrome & Septithe at Audio Foundation, 25th of Feburary

Chronic Fatigue Sindrome & Septithe at Audio Foundation, 25th of Feburary

Please join us on Sunday 25 February at 6.00pm for an early evening sonic soirée featuring the talents of:

Chronic Fatigue Sindrome, who play ‘the pain and fatigue of the musical doom disease while the disease plays us.’


((((Septithe)))), a trio hailing from Auckland’s outter-inner suburbs of Morningside & Pt Chev, both key locations of Auckland’s burgeoning BBQ-Doom scene. Septithe tithes any/all profits to The Aunties

Sliding cover-charge ($5 – $10). Crudites + dips will be provided for your snacking pleasure.

Audio Foundation is at Parisian Ties And Belts Sub-Basement/4 Poynton Terrace, Auckland 1010. There's a Facebook event.

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Shortwave Poltergeist

Tangent - Shortwave Poltergeist

pmc061 - 2010

Tuned into a strange subliminal dimension of hiss, woosh, thud and gibber. Improvised with a custom Pure Data feedback patch, laptop and vocalisation.

Death Masks

Death Masks

Death Masks is the musical moniker of artist Andrew Maxson. Death Masks draws from an array of sonic traditions including drone, pop, avant-garde, industrial, minimalism, and heavy metal in an attempt to create a sonic narrative. The music strives to evoke a driving, contemplative, monolithic feeling.

Death Masks seeks to make music that both reflects a new mythology but still acknowledges its continuity with other narratives. Death Masks seeks to affirm the reciprocal nature of bestial cruelty and maudlin sentimentality, that sheer horror provides an excellent standard to judge all other experiences off of.

Death Masks have more music on their bandcamp page.