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Dead Air Fresheners to release new album on Postmoderncore at Nofest, 15th of September

Dead Air Fresheners to release new album on Postmoderncore at Nofest Superstructure Stage, 15th of September

Please join the Dead Air Fresheners on Saturday 15th September at 3.00pm PDT at the Nofest Superstructure Stage. They'll be releasing their new album on Postmoderncore, Evidence of Superstructures II, performing the piece live, and have a few hard copy CDRs of the album available at the show.

Also playing are Four Dimensional Nightmare and Xapchyk.

Nofest Superstructure Stage is at Green Anchors, 8940 N Bradford St, Portland, Oregon 97203. There's a Facebook event.

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Black as a Color

Death Masks - Black as a Color

pmc075 - 2015

Art should reflect the artist’s vision for the world. The world this piece intends to create is shrouded in spectral lights and abysmal darkness, it is a world caught between bestial cruelty and yearning sentimentality. Darkness and Light exist on the same continuum, and art should be willing to reflect the spectrum, between sheer horror and radiant beauty. This album should be seen as an effort to that end.



A father/son duo that collide their differing ideas and music creation techniques together, and assemble the bits into unusual albums with a whiff of power and madness.