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Heavy Habit on Dubbed Tapes

Heavy Habit tape release with Unknown Rockstar and Contact Mike at Aotea Gallery, Great Barrier Island, 20th of May


Heavy Habit are hosting an exhibition, Hand Made Music, at the Aotea Gallery on Great Barrier Island, on the 15th to the 28th of May.

On the 20th they'll be having a release gig for their new release on Dubbed Tapes at the gallery. The artists playing will be

Free entry/free tape

Aotea Gallery is at 80 Hector Sanderson Rd, Claris, Great Barrier Island, 0991.

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Sound Board

Unknown Rockstar - Sound Board

pmc039 - 2004

an album of beautiful, relatively sparse instrumental playing, on acoustic and electric guitar and on clarinet. The instrumental methods and modes developed through the Tangent Precipitate era are bought to a more focused conception of improvisation and sound under the guise of this new persona.

Dead Air Fresheners

Dead Air Fresheners

Dead Air Fresheners are a Pacific Northwest collective of semi-anonymous musicians who prefer to work from a chance indeterminist purview. They use a lot of electronics and electro-acoustics but aren't afraid to ring some bells. You shouldn't be either.