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Disturbed Bits 010

Tangent Precipitate - Disturbed Bits 010

pmc019 - 2001

Disturbed Bits is a series of long pieces of beautiful and intense power electronics. They investigate the ability of the juxtaposition of treated loops of different varieties to create resultant sounds that are different in character from the source material, perhaps "greater than the sum of its parts" as it were. The second set of five use pure granular superimposition to build tracks, with a different approach to most users of granular synthesis.

Thaddeus Clay

Thaddeus Clay

A rawkus two piece, Chops Stephens on guitar and Corporal Tofulung on drums and vocals. Raw rock, stripped-back blues and rashers of gut-bucket hollering.

Another Year Older And Deeper In

Release of "Another Year Older And Deeper In" by Unknown Rockstar

Unknown Rockstar has released Another Year Older And Deeper In. Deeper in what exactly? Deeper enmeshed, deeper commitment to the consequence of decisions, deeper related to the world? A rediscovery of the clean guitar, unadorned except for the most basic of loop pedal usage.
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