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Dead Air Fresheners to release new album on Postmoderncore at Nofest, 15th of September

Dead Air Fresheners to release new album on Postmoderncore at Nofest Superstructure Stage, 15th of September

Please join the Dead Air Fresheners on Saturday 15th September at 3.00pm PDT at the Nofest Superstructure Stage. They'll be releasing their new album on Postmoderncore, Evidence of Superstructures II, performing the piece live, and have a few hard copy CDRs of the album available at the show.

Also playing are Four Dimensional Nightmare and Xapchyk.

Nofest Superstructure Stage is at Green Anchors, 8940 N Bradford St, Portland, Oregon 97203. There's a Facebook event.

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Tangent Precipitate - Post-movement

pmc028 - 2002

Pulsing sine drones, databending, and other less and more abrasive noise.

Dick Whyte

Dick Whyte

A talented folk and country performer who has been performing his ever increasing song book of originals and favourite songs for some years. His powerful and flexible voice and keen sensibilities on the guitar make him always worth seeing. He has self released a number of albums on his label, Wayfarer Recordings, that he is happy to sell you. Go visit the Wayfarer Gallery website, lots of art and goodness by all sorts of Dick Whyte associates. And go visit him at MySpace for more music.