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Relay 03

Tangent playing in Seoul, Korea on the 16th

Tangent is playing with a bunch of mostly Korean artists at Relay 03 on Friday the 16th of September, in Seoul, Korea. It's at the iry cafe in the Hongik University area. There is a map showing the location of iry cafe on their website, but I had trouble getting there last time I went so email me if you want better directions.

it should be a pretty interesting gig; the format is quite unusual. several groups will play, and none of the performers know they will play with until the night. most of the performers are laptoppers, but some use other noise makers. Tangent will play using laptop and various accoustic noise makers.

Tangent should also be playing in Kobe, Japan in mid-November. More news to come. Also the second slab of sound podcast has been released, featuring Jeff Henderson, Evan Parker's Electro-Accoustic Ensemble, and the Peter Brotzmann Octet.

Postmoderncore slab of sound on

Postmoderncore starts a podcast - slab of sound

postmoderncore has started a podcast, the slab of sound, distributed by The slab of sound presents different styles of music from the postmoderncore label each show, alongside other music in a similar vein.

The first podcast features postmoderncore artist Richard Whyte, as well as Alisdair Roberts, Kiss The Anus Of A Black Cat, and Nick Drake. Read about the show or download and listen to it.

Postmoderncore at

New logo, and postmoderncore mp3s moving to

well as you can see I've created a new logo for postmoderncore... if you want to, send me an email and let me know know what you think of it, if you love it or hate it.

also, I'm most of the way through moving the mp3s of the postmoderncore releases to you can read and write reviews there, and find music from many other great labels and artists. however, there is more information on the postmoderncore site, and you can only buy CD-rs from here.

Creative Commons

Postmoderncore albums under Creative Commons licenses

All Postmoderncore albums are now under Creative Commons licenses. Although all albums were already available for download, now your rights with this music are specifically listed. Salad Bones is also under a Creative Commons license., a new website hosted by postmoderncore

postmoderncore is now hosting another website, dadashopping is a website for free online publication of art and words. dadashopping is a site dedicated to bringing artists and audience together. starting out with 78 works from 24 artists in 19 genres, dadashopping will grow continously as the artists provide more works, and as new artists display their wares. coding for dadashopping is by Sam Stephens.