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Postmoderncore hosted Creative Commons works being pirated on Youtube

I've recently found works from Postmoderncore have been taken from and posted on Youtube, with the video simply being black. As the works are under Creative Commons licenses, re-use of this sorted is permitted. However the videos are posted under the Youtube Standard License, meaning the poster is claiming full copyright. Also clear attribution isn't provided, and links back to the original album are not present, only a link to the homepage. As such, despite it being against Postmoderncore's normal practices, I'm going to issue DCMA takedowns against these works.

Other Netlabels that use should be vigilant, and watch for this kind of re-use, as the person or people behind this are using multiple Youtube accounts and have posted many many videos. Try searching for "The audio from this video is from" on Google.

The Postmoderncore videos are and, however they may be taken down by the time you look at them.

I'd love to hear from anyone who has any insight into why this is being done. As there are no ads, I can't see how the posters could make money, and I can't see any other motivation for this.


Start of Antipatterns show on Hollow Earth Radio

Antipatterns is a Hollow Earth radio show hosted by Postmoderncore, from 9-11am Pacific Time on Wednesdays. Journey through my music collection with me for two hours each week.

The Cheetah Brothers

Release of "The Cheetah Brothers" by Zombie Prom Queen

After sporadic gigs and jams throughout the years, the brothers bring you live and dirty recordings to feed your need for scummy trash rock, with The Cheetah Brothers.

Let the Good Times Roll

Release of "Let the Good Times Roll" by Unknown Rockstar

The Unknown Rockstar spreads cheer and goodwill with his new instrumental and drone album, Let the Good Times Roll.

Supercomposer vs. Unknown Rockstar