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Another Year Older And Deeper In

Release of "Another Year Older And Deeper In" by Unknown Rockstar

Unknown Rockstar has released Another Year Older And Deeper In. Deeper in what exactly? Deeper enmeshed, deeper commitment to the consequence of decisions, deeper related to the world? A rediscovery of the clean guitar, unadorned except for the most basic of loop pedal usage.

Found pianos of Capitol Hill

Release of "Found pianos of Capitol Hill" by Unknown Rockstar

Unknown Rockstar has released a short album of piano pieces.

"I was walking through Capitol Hill, Seattle one weekend, and encountered an abandoned piano at the side of the road. I decided it needed a final piece of loving, so I recorded it in my phone. The next week I found the piano had been joined by a second, and both pianos had had their keyboards smashed. So I played the strings directly. Both pieces reflect the decay and misuse of the pianos, and the environment they spent a short time in before going to their final resting place."
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