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Hollow Earth Radio Surrealistic Song Project 2013

Hollow Earth Radio Surrealistic Song Project 2013

Hollow Earth Radio’s Surrealist Song Project is a method by which a collection of four recorded musical tracks are assembled to make one song. Participants have a chance to make up a portion of a song on the spot, in a similar way to writing an "Exquisite Corpse Poem."

To do this, we use a recording setup with various instrument options. Once an instrument is chosen, participants strap on headphones and begin recording their own track, with the rule that they can only listen to one of the previously recorded tracks. After four tracks are recorded, they are combined together to make a song. Postmoderncore organized the recording equipment, facilitating the recording, and mixed down the tracks.

These tracks were recorded at the 6th Annual DIY Holiday Fair - A Benefit for Hollow Earth Radio & The Vera Project on December 14, 2013.

PhotoChop 2013-12-11 Poster

Unknown Rockstar plays PhotoChop exhibition opening, Bluebird Microcreamery, Seattle, 12th December

PhotoChop exhibition opening, Bluebird Microcreamery the 12th of December, 7pm-10pm Pacific Time

A collective exhibition of collage images from print using photo chop, scissors, and glue. The exhibition salutes the dawn of photo lithography, the 120 year old tradition of processing images for the mass print medium... and giving the recycled images a montage of new meaning. Featuring over 20 artists.

Everything $5 - $100

Opening Thursday December 12 @ 7pm
feat improv piano by The Unknown Rockstar, Wild Bill & improv sax by James McLallan

Bluebird Microcreamery is at 1205 E Pike St #1A Seattle, WA 98122. There's a Facebook event.

Hollow Earth 2013-09-22 Poster

Unknown Rockstar plays Hollow Earth Radio, Seattle, 22th of September

Hollow Earth Radio, the 22th of September, 7pm-9:30pm Pacific Time

Unknown Rockstar (Seattle/NZ) - psychedelic stasis guitar
Karnak Templates (Seattle) - 6-string spirals to the ancient future
Little Skull (UK/NZ) - enigmatic happenings and surprises

Entry by donation, or tune in online

Hollow Earth Radio is at 2018 E Union St, Seattle, WA. There's a Facebook event.

Postmoderncore hosted Creative Commons works being pirated on Youtube

I've recently found works from Postmoderncore have been taken from and posted on Youtube, with the video simply being black. As the works are under Creative Commons licenses, re-use of this sorted is permitted. However the videos are posted under the Youtube Standard License, meaning the poster is claiming full copyright. Also clear attribution isn't provided, and links back to the original album are not present, only a link to the homepage. As such, despite it being against Postmoderncore's normal practices, I'm going to issue DCMA takedowns against these works.

Other Netlabels that use should be vigilant, and watch for this kind of re-use, as the person or people behind this are using multiple Youtube accounts and have posted many many videos. Try searching for "The audio from this video is from" on Google.

The Postmoderncore videos are and, however they may be taken down by the time you look at them.

I'd love to hear from anyone who has any insight into why this is being done. As there are no ads, I can't see how the posters could make money, and I can't see any other motivation for this.