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Postmoderncore on New It Make

Unknown Rockstar plays Fredstock 2009, 12th of December

4 days of mind expanding music, 9th-12th December 2009. The Unknown Rockstar will be playing at the all day Saturday gig on the 12th. Many other great acts, including John Wiese over from the US, and Greg Malcolm up from Christchurch.

ZOMBIE PROM IV Poster by Lynton

Zombie Prom IV on the 22nd at the Watusi

Saturday August 22nd, doors open 8pm, Watusi Bar

Featuring the music of...

There is a contest The prize is immortality. To win the contest all you have to do is KILL! A demon with the ability to resurrect and control the dead enters the contest. There will be HELL to pay!

Zombie! Fuck?
Una bestia inmunda esta a punto de despertar...

The Hairdos
MAKE-OUT with VIOLENCE is a boy trying to fulfill his unrequited love for a girl who has risen from the dead.

Vodafone Warriors
Corporate communications a tough game--it doesn't end until all the members on the opposing team are dead.

Terror of the Deep
the horror of party beach! Weird! Horrifying! Fantastic!

and from the crypt of ghoulishly good tunes Djs Abra Cadaver and S-Kerry Ann Lee dare you to remain seated when monsters invade audience! who'll chicken out first--boils or ghouls? Ghouls! learn if your boy fiend can take it! Enchanted by there voodoo stylus you will NOT leave the dance floor alive!!!

Dress in your filthiest gag rags! WIN! Zombie Queen & Zombie King!


ZOMBIE PROM IV tickets are available now!!!

heres how to guarantee yr $10 grave....

get yr ticket over the bar at Watusi
talk (at yr own risk) to one of the early z infected (Helena, Menno, Beth, Emma, Brendan, Kerry)


Unknown Rockstar plays at Fred's with Ben Spiers, 9th of July

Sunday night variety show

This week featuring the wonderful Ben Spiers who is back in town ever so briefly and a gaggle of solo acts...
Unknown Rockstar - weirdo mask toting wacko
Cookie Brooklyn - strange songs from strange man
Simon O'Rorke - unusual and interesting percussionist with a unique touch
Baba Rosso - gets freaky with home made banjos
... and more!
7pm, $5

Solid Doll Remixes Vol. 1

Zombie Prom Queen play at Solid Doll Remixes Vol. 1 album release, 18th July

Saturday, July 18, 2009. 2:00pm - 5:00pm Spacething

remixes of KnifeFight, Geoffrey D Trail, Tape Man, Sunshine Suite, Zombie Prom Queen, Talent Quest, Dungeon Master, Blue Set

Live musical performances by Dungeon Master dolls, Zombie Prom Queen dolls

Storytime with The Doll

Karaoke dolls

Dolly mixture food

Album available at show for 1 dolly-dolla