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Antler Juice

Antler Juice video on the Relay website

Just noticed that video of Jin Sangtae, Choi Joonyong and Tangent performing Antler Juice is available on the Relay 03 webpage. Just click the link beside our names marked video. The rest of the night was fantastic also, so check out the other videos. There is music and video from recent Relays that have been put up that will also surely be worth checking out, so have a look around the Relay website.

Rick Jensen

Final Rick Jensen Trio gigs

The Rick Jensen Trio are having their last two gigs before Rick goes overseas. They'll be playing in Wellington, New Zealand. They're playing at Happy on the 22nd at 8pm, and at the Photospace with Jeff Henderson on the 26th at 3pm.

Update: the photospace gig is at 3pm, not at 8pm

Antler Juice
Antler Juice