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Unknown Rockstar

The Unknown Rockstar - first album release (and new covers online)

The Unknown Rockstar has producted a first album, sound board, an album of beautiful, relatively sparse instrumental playing, on acoustic and electric guitar and on clarinet. The instrumental methods and modes developed through the Tangent Precipitate era are bought to a more focused conception of improvisation and sound under the guise of this new persona.

also more cover art has been uploaded to the album cover gallery

Salad bones

Salad bones website goes live

i've had the privilege to design and host the website for a CD compilation that has recently been released in Wellington, New Zealand - salad bones. it's a CD of spoken word with music. five poets have collaborated with five musicians, entrusting the musicians with open artistic license. the result is quite varied, a small slice into some scenes that are going on in this city. i've not come across anything quite like it.

salad bones bought to you by dr shopper & pickles in association w/ the word collective

Stolen Art Gallery

Stolen Art Galleries taken offline

Due to the privacy invasion side of the stolen art galleries, I have decided to take them down. Some have emailed me saying the galleries were a good thing because "Disabusing the audience of notions of privacy is a public service." While I do agree with this, I think I don't need the galleries themselves to educate, and the exhibition is too potentially harmful.

Rick Jensen

Rick Jensen Trio CDs now for sale via Paypal (Credit Card option)

CDs of both the Rick Jensen Trio albums on the Postmoderncore label are now for sale. Using Paypal you can pay from a Paypal Account or using a Credit Card. With CD artwork by Rick Jensen. Order from the Rick Jensen Trio page.

Press the Button

Press the Button creates composition by sampling the Rick Jensen Trio

The crew at Press the Button have created a new piece, "A Rick Jensen Reverie" entirely from samples of the Rick Jensen Trio. It's an impressive transformation, a original piece that is quite reminiscent of the original performance but also completely different. Get it from the Sound page on the Press the Button website.