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Richie Rhinestone

The second Rick Jensen album on Postmoderncore is released

The second Rick Jensen Trio album, "Snowdrift" has been released. It was recorded live at Bodega, Wellington NZ on 29th April 2003, with the current regular trio line-up of Rick playing clarinet and alto sax, Sam playing bass, and Smiley playing drums.


The mp3s will now be 128kbps ABR, replacing the 192kbps CBR mp3s

Because of the amount of music we want to share on the website, we can no longer use the high quality 192kbps constant bit rate encoded mp3s. 128kpbs average bit rate appears to be the best space/quality trade off, and still high quality. But if you want the higher quality mp3s, download them now.

Age of illumination

The first Rick Jensen album on Postmoderncore is released

Rick Jensen is a free jazz saxophonist that Sam and Smiley have been playing bass and drums for in the Rick Jensen Trio. We take pleasure in presenting "age of illumination", recorded live at the Photospace, Wellington NZ in July 2003, with Rick playing clarinet and alto sax, Sam playing double bass, and Richard Whyte playing cello. We hope to see a lot of his work on the postmoderncore label in future.

During the year of my nervous breakdown

Cyberphobe releases his first album, and the Phallus album is made available online

The promised first Cyberphobe album has been released on the web. "during the year of my nervous breakdown" is music about a society turning away from meaning.

The Phallus album, "deepthroated", has been put on the postmoderncore catalogue and made available for download. Recorded from a live to air on Radio Massey five years ago, this Palmerston North trash/spazz rock album was originally released on Lizardmull Records, Palmerston's own legendary swamp label... we still have copies...