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New albums coming soon

I should have been announcing the availability of new albums here, but due to a hiatus in my personal circumstances they will instead be being uploaded in another week or two. Apologies.

Free Speech For Sale

Free Speech For Sale released on the 21st of July

The long awaited "Free Speech For Sale" has now been released, featuring a track, "Hallo", from Postmoderncore's own Cyberphobe, as well as contributions from The Evolution Control Committee, Animals Within Animals, The Button, and other great sound artists. Much kudos to the Everyman, and all those who contributed tracks, time and money to this project. Check it out, it's something interesting and somewhat unique.

Cyberphobe has also promised me we'll get some more music on his page in the next week or two... geography makes getting material off him trickier than it used to be.

Stolen Art Gallery 2

Second Edition of the Stolen Art Gallery online

The second edition of the Stolen Art Gallery is now available for your perusal with a slideshow and a browse mode, in the same style of the first exhibition. There is a spectrum of images here, from the very mundane to ones that etch themselves on the surface of your brain.


Postmoderncore now at, 192k mp3s, donations now accepted

Postmoderncore now has it's own domain, - update your links to the new location. The mp3s downloadable here are being switched to high quality, 192k bandwidth mp3s. In another month all the material on the label should be available from the site. And as all of this isn't free, we're now accepting donations to help keep the website going.

Postmoderncore albums all as mp3s on soon. Free Speech for Sale soon to be released (and mabye a Cyberphobe album also)

Due to a new hosting arrangement, shortly all the albums on postmoderncore will be available for direct download from this website - making downloading easy, dl manager friendly, and high speed. Also the "Free Speech for Sale" CD (featuring Cyberphobe) is finished, and the last of the art is just being done before the release is ready (as I understand). Also rumour has it an album by Cyberphobe may be coming out; and that the Stolen Art Gallery may have another set of art added to it. Keep watch for more news, music and surprises.
I don't currently provide streaming links, although you could copy the mp3 download links and paste them into your player to stream them. Please contact me if you would find streaming links useful.