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Cover Gallery

Cover Gallery online, 24 releases in catalog, CDs soon

The cover gallery is now online. This contains the cover art of the now 24 releases in the postmoderncore catalog. The whole of the Disturbed Bits series is now available for download, and the albums that come after these are in the process of being uploaded. Also, I'm in the process of getting covers printed so that I will soon have some CDs to swap/sell/etc.

Disturbed Bits #007

Postmoderncore moves to Sensory Research

After a long time, I've finally began some more work on the postmoderncore online presence. "Disturbed Bits #007" and "Disturbed Bits #008" are now available for download. "Disturbed Bits #009", "Disturbed Bits #010", "within the range of hearing" and "elevated states of consciousness" will be available from the Tangent Precipitate music page over the next while as the mp3s are uploaded. Also coming up should be some more material from Cyberphobe and some material from a new sampling project by Tangent Precipitate and Voodoo T Savage.

Broken Aesthetic
Free Speech For Sale

Cyberphobe on Free Speech For Sale compilation

Cyberphobe is to be on a compilation "Free Speech For Sale", from some of the same people as "The Droplift Project". From a press release - "The theme of the CD is "text manipulation" made entirely from commercials. This is inspired from the record label Illegal Art, which released a CD called "Commercial Ad Hoc," with a similar theme, except the majority of the CD is compiled of recylced SOUNDS from commercials, not necessarily text, and the majority of the tracks do not project a message of any kind. I felt it would be cool to have a compilation which was along the same lines, but required the tracks consist of text-manipulation. After seeing Droplift, I then realized the appropriate means of distribution for such an animal....Droplift them! The causes behind this project are entirely the same...we need to get our art form heard and cannot do it legally if we sell it, so we must give it away."


Postmoderncore website goes online

Welcome to the postmoderncore website. postmoderncore is a label for the projects that Tangent Precipitate, Cyberphobe, and Voodoo T Savage are involved in. The website contains full length full quality mp3s of the albums on postmoderncore, information about the bands on the label, and artwork associated with the bands. Comments are appreciated.

I'm currently in the process of uploading three more albums from Tangent Precipitate, "Wood, Brass, Nylon", "Disturbed Bits #006" and "Broken Aesthetic".