Unknown Rockstar to play the opening of Fred's on June 6th

Fred's Opening Poster

You are cordially invited to Fred's opening party!

...featuring such Wellington favourites as The Wop Wops, Zombie Fuck, Unknown Rockstar, Sign of the Hag, Bright Colours, Hannah Cherry, Simon O'Rorke, Public Toilet Ltd, Cleatus, Dave Edwards, Secretaries on Standby and more....

Saturday 6th June, from 6pm.
46 Frederick Street (between Taranaki and Tory St), Wellington.

The Frederick Street Sound and Light Exploration Society celebrates the pursuit of creative music making and freedom in artistic endeavours! Friends, check your isms at the door! Rejoice! Wrench your senses from the clutches of monotony. We declare a holy war on boredom! Let there be light! Let there be sound!