MONSTA MASH on 6th November at The Watusi

Monsta Mash

Postmoderncore presents MONSTA MASH! with Orchestra of Spheres (WGTN), Royal Wolf (PN), Double Ya D (WGTN), Bad Evil (CHCH), Thaddeus Clay (WGTN).
Sat Nov 6 @ Watusi, 9 bloody pm
$12/$10 in costume
Free compilation Cd for first 50 freeks
Prizes for best dressed beasts

After four Zombie Proms the brain-eaters need fresh meat... All critters, creatures, & creations are invited to the graveyard smash known as the Monster Mash!

Be hypnotized by voodoo-trance maestros Orchestra of Spheres. Howl with hirsute drummer Boss Christ and Royal Wolf. Dare to catch the eye of the fearsome Man Witch known as Double Ya D. Lock up your liquor and distract your daughters - Bad Evil is in town. And bring a bloody bone for the rabid mongrels Thaddeus Clay.